Text 18 Sep

You say you love me the way I am and that I’m supposed to believe this. I trust you but its hard a lot of the time because I see you checking the chick with the big butt and the nice shape out of the corner of my eye. I see all of the pictures of other females in your phone. I see all of your wcw and all the chicks saying slick stuff to you in your comments. I see a lot of stuff so don’t get hard on me when I’m feeling inadequate. When I see what you like and you tell me what you like I see myself and I am none of those things… And I will never be any of them. No matter how you shape me or I shape myself. I can’t compare to all of the beautiful girls you like that are shorter than me, they are I’m better shape than me, they are thin… The only qualities I have that you like are natural hair and an OK personality. Why do I feel so inadequate…?

Text 17 Sep

Don’t you hate the moment you realize your man like..has a crush on a lesbian or some other female that has an amazing shape? I look at myself every freaking day and feel inadequate because of that… I guess that’s truly why I did what I did so long ago. I guess that’s why I feel like I don’t like myself. Smh….

Text 18 Aug

Its hard dating someone who is smart.. And it sucks when they think I do stuff on purpose… Its hard being me… And its hard dealing with me.. I just hope this time I can keep him…

Text 16 Jul

Those moments where you feel like you’re a complete failure… I mean who gets fired from babysitting?!?! I guess I do.. I’m broke.. I don’t know how to be a good girlfriend and I’m totally forgetful. I don’t know what he sees in me but I’m glad he sees it. I love him and I’m grateful for him. He’s the sweetest and most real guy. I thought I knew something about this before but I was completely wrong! He’s mine. My deputy. My man.

Text 12 Jul

I have issues….. O.o

Text 25 Jun

All I need is him, some music, drop top, and some money. Best road trip ever.

Photo 21 Mar
Text 11 Mar

I just dumped my best friend. Wait, she wasn’t my best friend. She wasn’t even a friend because friends don’t put each other through crap like she put me through! I’m don’t being a stepping stool and I’m done being nice. Yeah. I’m good.

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Text 25 Oct

Forget all these losers. I’m done crying over them.

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